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Informatics Practices

Informatics Practices

Informatics Practices (065) elective subjects introduced in the Academic Year 2016 – 17 for class XI & XII

Learning Objectives

  • To gain working knowledge of a computer system and peripherals
  • To understand the application development process.
  • To gain programming skills in front-end [NETBEANS JAVA IDE] development.
  • To gain skills in Database Creation and querying using RDBMS – MY SQL.
  • To design, program and develop database driven web applications using GUI Programming Tool and RDBMS.
  • To understand and appreciate open source and open standard concepts


  • Sound knowledge of computer system
  • Familiarity with Application Development process using simple IDEs NETBEANS
  • Ability to use, develop & debug programs independently.
  • Ability to use MY SQL for storing and retrieving data from the RDBMS.
  • Ability to develop a Web Application using Front end and Back end tools.