Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Education is the foundation on which the classroom of tomorrow is built. Besides giving students a working knowledge of computers, the students also learn how to apply those skills to their daily lives.

Highly sophisticated and elegant Kola Perumal Chetty Computer Lab provides opportunity for excellent hands on training in latest IBM Multimedia system for classes I to XII. The department encourages the students to participate in various competitions.

Salient Features

Covers latest IT Concepts. The entire courseware is in a highly interactive format. The courseware is supported with detailed learning and session plans for students and teacher. The entire courseware is learner centered and real life application oriented.

Computer Science (New) CLASS-XI Code No. 083
(Optional for the academic year 2018-19 and mandatory for the academic year 2019-20 onwards)

1. Prerequisites

No major prerequisites are required for this course other than basic Mathematical skills. However, it will be helpful if the student has a basic knowledge of Computer Applications.

2. Learning Outcomes

  • Develop basic computational thinking. Learn how to reason with variables, state transitions, conditionals, and iteration.
  • Understand the notion of data types, and higher order data structures such as lists, tuples, and dictionaries.
  • Appreciate the notion of an algorithm, and understand its structure, including how algorithms handle corner cases.
  • Develop a basic understanding of computer systems – architecture, OS, mobile and cloud computing.
  • Learn basic SQL programming.
  • Learn all about cyber safety.

Vocational Course

As per the CBSE guidelines, Vocational course was introduced in class IX in 2013-2014. Information Technology(IT) has been chosen as the subject for the vocational course.