Social Studies

Social Studies


History aims at helping students to understand the present existing social, political, religious and economic conditions of the people. The present is in fact the child of the past. It is a development of the past. Without the knowledge of history, we cannot have the background of our religion, customs institutions, administration and so on. Our present conditions are thus the result of the past problems.

The teaching of History helps the students to explain the present, to analyze it and to trace its course. Cause-and-effect relationship between the past and the present is lively presented in the History class. History thus helps students to understand the present day problems both at the national and international level accurately and objectively.

The school has a Heritage club which promotes the cultural heritage of our country. UN Day is also celebrated in the school.


Geography is an integral component of Social Science. The dynamics of the modern society and the development in Science and Technology has brought the world closer.The Social interactions, cultural diffusions, economic dependence and globalisation of trade have left a strong impact on the need for geographical knowledge. Hence the knowledge and study of Geography at school level needs a great attention and serious consideration. To promote newer techniques of teaching Geography, we need modern technology and technical inputs so that learning becomes easy and motivating.

Students are introduced to the contemporary issues such as global distribution of economic resources and ongoing process of globalization etc. Students can understand the complex and interrelationship of human and natural environment.